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You are one step closer to Membership with LAX Car Share…

Application fee: $0
Membership fee: $25

Monthly access fee: $5/month

Annual Renewal: $15

(Expedited processing to drive the same day is an additional $20)

Am I eligible to join? How do I protect myself if the car is damaged during my reservation?

Membership is available to individuals and households! Each person needs to apply separately.

Create a new PERSONAL account HERE
Add to an existing account HERE

By providing your valid driver’s license information, LAX Car Share will perform a driver’s license driving record inquiry through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Upon review, a determination of membership acceptance will either be extended or denied. Please review our Membership Manual thoroughly before applying for membership.

LAX  Car Share also will conduct a driving record check yearly on ALL Members. It is the Member’s responsibility to notify LAX Car Share should you have any changes in your driving status. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination.

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