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What our Members are Saying!

What is LAX Car Share? How does it work? Do you like it? Hear for yourselves (the good, bad and indifferent) on our service thus far!
Overall, I am happy with LAX Car Share. I am also a customer of another carshare program in Los Angeles & I like the more personal service offered by LAXCarShare~ Phillip B.
Everyone at LAX Car Share is simply AMAZING!!!~ Kathryn P.
It’s been great havingĀ  LAX Car Share nearby, and it is the only reason we have been able to get rid of our car.~ Lisa K. & Ramiro P.
The cars are so accessible and easy to get to!~ Courtney T.
I have not used a car yet, but the sign up process was simple, and the customer service is great so far!~ Rachel D.
Good stuff. I want you all to stay in business!~ Alex K.
LAX Car Share has been amazing — it is the car sharing service that I’ve been wanting since I moved to DTLA three years ago. It’s always there when I need it, and it’s perfect for my once/week car needs, without having to deal with the costs of owning, parking, insuring and fueling a car in Los Angeles. Thank you!~ Alexander M.
I used to belong to a carshare program in San Francisco and am thrilled now that DTLA finally has its own car sharing service. I have been car-less in LA for two years relying solely on my bicycle (and occasional bus/train). Now that LAX Car Share has come along, I can finally run those errands too difficult for transit without bugging my friends! ;) ~ Michael M.
I am very happy that LAX Car Share exists. I hope this transportation option will continue to grow. I am very happy to see LAX was added to the selection. Keep up the good work:)~ Jennifer S.
Although I love the convenience of LAX Car Share, I occasionally use a national car rental service because it has a lower hourly/daily rate and better customer service.~ Tania C.
So far I’m happy with the LAX Car Share service and have recommended it to my friends. My only complaint is the way other members have left the car, with animal fur covering the front seats.~ Arthur S.

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